bilbos hobbit hole2Sanzaro v. Ardiente Homeowners Ass. et al, 2:11-cv-01143-RFB,  2017 WL 5895133 (D. Nevada June 29, 2017) asks whether the clubhouse in a planned development is a “dwelling” for purposes of the Fair Housing Act. The Court doesn’t answer the question, but is one worth thinking about when trying to decide how the idea of disability discrimination applies to common areas in any kind of housing development or apartment complex.

The Fair Housing Act itself has a somewhat confusing definition of dwelling. A “dwelling” is:

any building, structure, or portion thereof which is occupied as, or designed or intended for occupancy as, a residence by one or more families, and any vacant land which is offered for sale or lease for the construction or location thereon of any such building, structure, or portion thereof. More