ADA and FHA Seminars, Webinars, Publications

What our attendees say about Access Defense seminars and webinars.

“Great information and guidance in the area of ADA accessibility defense, where there is very little trustworthy guidance available.”

Kimberly Mayhex, Caswell, Bell & Hillison LLP, Fresno Ca.

“We have found Richard to be an invaluable resource on ADA and FHA matters over the years. When he offered to present a seminar on “ADA and FHA Accessibility Issues for Real Estate Decision Makers”  we jumped at the chance to take it.  We had high expectations given our experience with Richard and the seminar greatly exceeded those expectations.

Daniel Ebner, SVP, CWS Capital Partners

Seminars and webinars available on request

We have presented these seminars and webinars to groups like the National Retail Tenants Association, the Texas Apartment Association, the National Council of Shopping Centers, the Dallas Bar Association, TASA and private client groups. Contact us by phone or email to arrange a presentation for your group.

Just Say “NO” to bogus Emotional Support Animal letters.

In this one hour webinar we explain how apartment owners and managers can fight back against the epidemic bogus ESA letters from dubious online services. Combining the latest information on standards of practice for the diagnosis of disabilities with a careful analysis of the case law and statutory provisions we will provide step by step procedures for dealing with suspicious ESA letters while minimizing the risk of a HUD complaint.

FHA and ADA Compliance for Apartment Managers 

Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act issues of daily importance to on-site apartment managers, including current hot-button issues concerning therapy dogs, pet deposits, swimming pools, game rooms, accessible parking and the needs of disabled guests.

Understanding reasonable accommodation

Claims of a failure to reasonably accommodate requests from disabled tenants dominate disability related HUD complaints. This one hour webinar explains the reasonable accommodation obligation and procedures that will minimize the risk of Fair Housing Act complaints. It also includes tips on dealing with telephone accommodation requests from prospective tenants, which often come from “testers” fishing for mistakes that can be called discrimination.

Avoiding ADA Lawsuits – A DIY Guide

So called “drive-by” lawsuits continue to make news as professional ADA litigants hit small towns and suburbs with dozens of ADA lawsuits at a time. Our new webinar will teach you how to conduct an informal ADA survey of the features most likely to make you a target of a serial ADA litigant. Learn how to spot accessible parking violations and other problems that will eventually land your business in court, and what you need to know about getting those problems fixed.

ADA and the Internet – shelter from the coming storm

Private law firms are now targeting businesses, large and small, that advertise or sell on the internet. Every business with a web page is at risk. This webinar explains the risks and how to manage them.

ADA and FHA Issues for Real Estate Decision Makers 

An executive level view of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act for real estate investors and managers with a real world approach to the risk of  acquiring or operating non-compliant properties, practical solutions to minimize those risks at a reasonable cost and strategies for dealing with FHA and ADA lawsuits and government investigations.

ADA and FHA Compliance for Home Owners Associations

A comprehensive look at the obligations of an HOA with respect to disabled residents and guests including an overview of the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act as they relate to HOAs, the risk of personal liability for board members and managers and issues of current importance including  group homes, accessibility of community facilities such as playgrounds and pools, therapy or service animals, and HOA enforcement and litigation.

Managing ADA Risks for Shopping Center Owners and Operators

A risk based approach to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, focusing on accessible parking, accessible sidewalks and accessible entrances. This is not a simple discussion of technical requirements, but instead a review of the most common problems that lead to litigation, along with strategies for dealing with demand letters and lawsuits and the allocation of cost and risk between the center owner, operator and tenants.

Managing ADA Risks for Retail Tenants

A risk based approach to the most common problems retail tenants face under the Americans with Disabilities Act, including service dog issues, accessible entrances, accessible aisles, and accessible restrooms, combined with a review of the most common problems that lead to litigation, along with strategies for dealing with demand letters and lawsuits and the allocation of cost and risk between the center owner, operator and tenants.

ADA Issues for Restaurant Owners and Operators

A look at the special problems faced restaurant owners, including service dogs, booth and bar seating, and the issues that arise in older buildings, including practical ways to deal with demand letters and lawsuits.

Practical Responses to Accessibility Lawsuits

The best strategies for handling demands and lawsuits under the ADA and FHA, including an analysis of the legal issues and the practical problems and costs of settlement.

The following publications contain information of interest to businesses who may be subject to ADA litigation: Accessibility Litigation – Is Ignorance Really Bliss? (Originally Published in CIRE Magazine)