I apologize for not having posted a new blog for several weeks, but I have been busy on other projects, including the video posted at Industry experts explain what digital accessibility awareness means to them for Usablenet’s celebration of Global Accessibility of Awareness Day. All the videos are worthwhile, but if you don’t have time to listen, my comments in a nutshell are simple. A business is aware of digital accessibility if it understands that those with disabilities can an do use digital resources like websites and mobile applications, that accessibility gives businesses access to and a competitive advantage in a significant market, and that if designed in from the beginning accessibility need not be cost prohibitive. I also point out that typical serial website lawsuits are a very poor way to create accessibility awareness in the business community because even though thousands of lawsuits are filed, they represent a tiny fraction (no more than 3 in ten thousand) of the lawsuits filed against businesses every year and will therefore never have a lasting impact on businesses with many other concerns and obligations. DOJ and disability advocates should be looking for positive ways to engage with the business community, not supporting efforts that accomplish little more than making a few lawyers rich.