Education for Business

I offer webinars and seminars for businesses, municipalities and others interested in avoiding or defending ADA and FHA litigation. These are updated constantly and always present a current view of the relevant cases and administrative proceedings. The cost of a one hour webinar for up to 99 attendees is $500 plus $100 for presentation costs. The same material presented in person as a one hour seminar is $500 plus travel expenses. Longer, more detailed webinars or seminars are priced according to your needs. These are the same webinars and seminars presented to groups like the International Center for Shopping Centers, National Retail Tenants Association, Texas Apartment Association, 2019 CSUN Assistive Technologies Conference, Dairy Queen Operators Association and numerous bar associations and CLE providers.

Just Say “NO” to bogus Emotional Support Animal letters.

In this one hour webinar I explain how apartment owners and managers can fight back against the epidemic bogus ESA letters from dubious online services. Combining the latest information on standards of practice for the diagnosis of disabilities with a careful analysis of the case law and statutory provisions I will provide step by step procedures for dealing with suspicious ESA letters while minimizing the risk of a HUD complaint. This webinar comes with suggested forms for reasonable accommodation requests.

Avoiding ADA Lawsuits – A DIY Guide

So called “drive-by” lawsuits continue to make news as professional ADA litigants hit small towns and suburbs with dozens of ADA lawsuits at a time. Our new webinar will teach you how to conduct an informal ADA survey of the features most likely to make you a target of a serial ADA litigant. Learn how to spot accessible parking violations and other problems that will eventually land your business in court, and what you need to know about getting those problems fixed. This webinar comes with written materials to help you do the work after the webinar is over.

Understanding the ADA website litigation explosion.

The rate of filing for ADA website accessibility lawsuit continues to accelerate, with businesses large and small being hit with litigation that can be costly to defend or settle. In this webinar I explain the reasons for this litigation explosion, identify the major and minor players in the plaintiffs’ bar and their approaches to settlement, discuss the latest legal developments concerning just what an “accessible website” is and, finally, provide concrete suggestions on what you can do today to minimize the risk of future litigation.

Cleaning up the service animal mess – how to deal with animals in stores, shopping centers and other public places.

Statutory and regulatory inconsistency have created a mess for retailers and others operating public accommodations covered by Title III of the ADA. What animals must be allowed? What questions can you ask? This webinar explains the sources of confusion and provides straight-forward ways to tell whose animal should be permitted and whose can be excluded. I put particular emphasis on procedures that can be easily trained and implemented by the ordinary employees on the front lines of ADA service animal abuse.

Other subjects

For a modest additional price to customize the materials and bring them up to date I will present the following webinars or seminars:

  • 1 hour HUD approved Fair Housing Act training for apartment owners and managers.
  • ADA obligations of lawyers and mediators.
  • Phoney business – dealing with FHA telephone testers.
  • Current ADA and FHA issues for municipalities.
  • ADA and FHA basics for senior decision makers.

I can also provide an in-depth look at any subject related to federal disability rights. Pricing depends on preparation and review time.

What attendees say

“Great information and guidance in the area of ADA accessibility defense, where there is very little trustworthy guidance available.”

Kimberly Mayhex, Caswell, Bell & Hillison LLP, Fresno Ca.

“We have found Richard to be an invaluable resource on ADA and FHA matters over the years. When he offered to present a seminar on “ADA and FHA Accessibility Issues for Real Estate Decision Makers”  we jumped at the chance to take it.  We had high expectations given our experience with Richard and the seminar greatly exceeded those expectations.

Daniel Ebner, SVP, CWS Capital Partners