WIthdrawn_edited-1Attorney General Sessions’ withdrawal of various ADA guidances is good news for business, but only in the mildest way. Yesterday we looked at the withdrawal of two old guidances regarding service animals. Both were slightly out of date and their withdrawal did not make any substantive change in the requirements for businesses. Today we look at withdrawn guidances concerning accessible facilities and reach the same conclusion. Tomorrow we’ll look at the last of the ADA materials withdrawn, a guidance from the closing days of the Obama administration whose withdrawal may indeed have real consequences for state and local government.

The withdrawn guidances that include accessible facilities are:

  • Common ADA Problems at Newly Constructed Lodging Facilities (November 1999).
  • Title III Highlights (last updated 2008).
  • Common ADA Errors and Omissions in New Construction and Alterations (June 1997).
  • Common Questions: Readily Achievable Barrier Removal and Design Details: Van Accessible Parking Spaces (August 1996).
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Questions and Answers (May 2002).