Seal of Department of JusticeJust a brief note about another alleged abuse of the ADA. According to a press release from the Department of Justice an attorney living in Florida filed hundreds of lawsuits naming as plaintiff individuals whose identities he stole. You can read the press release at this link. If you take the nearly 1000 cases filed by Mr. Finkelstein and add them to the lawsuits filed by Oscar Rosales, Peter Strojnik Sr., and Scott Dinan it starts to become clear that a significant percentage of ADA Title III lawsuits are filed solely to enrich a lawyer and often without any substantive merit. While some commentators say the ADA needs to be scrapped, the real solution is simply to provide a procedure for early dismissal with minimum expenditure of defense attorneys’ fees. Some courts have instituted mandatory mediation programs with this goal, but in many cases the cost of mediation alone makes defense impractical. The real solution is simply a heightened standard for standing that requires plaintiffs to have suffered a real injury and a heightened standard for pleading that requires plaintiffs to identify specifically the ADA violations they claim to have encountered. With that and a program of referring every Title III complaint to a magistrate judge for examination (similar to the way most courts handle pro se complaints) abusive lawsuits could be substantially reduced. The goal is not to make it impossible for plaintiffs to file ADA lawsuits, but rather to limit such lawsuits to those who have suffered a real injury.