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How do serial ADA litigants manage to file dozens of lawsuits at a time? It certainly is not because they conduct formal ADA surveys of the properties they sue. On June 22, 2016 at noon Central Standard Time we will present our free webinar “Avoiding ADA Litigation – A DIY Guide.” We will show you how so called “drive-by” ADA plaintiffs spot their targets and teach you how to conduct an informal ADA review of the features most likely to put you in the crosshairs of a serial ADA litigant. We will show you what tools you need (not many and all cheap) and provide diagrams and pictures to help you spot problems and decide whether you need to hire an ADA consultant. With serial plaintiffs and their lawyers continuing to troll the streets of American cities looking for victims this is must know information for any business large or small. Just click this link to register.

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“Avoiding ADA Lawsuits – A DIY Guide” is part of our monthly series of free webinars for business. Look for the announcement of our July webinar, “Phoney business – dealing with “tester” phone calls.” We will cover what apartment managers, leasing agents and real estate agents need to know about calls from Fair Housing Act testers, including what to say and what not to say to avoid a HUD complaint.