Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.35.17 AMYesterday the Department of Justice rolled out a new online technical assistance webpage that cleans up a lot of the organizational problems I’ve blogged about in the past.* You can find it here. It isn’t perfect. You might wonder why, for example, we still have both a “Primer for Small Business” and a “Guide for Small Businesses” as well as two different documents concerning service animals. DOJ’s habit of publishing one topic guidances can be helpful, but the failure to consistently integrate them into more comprehensive documents makes it hard for businesses to have a single consistent place to go when they need information. We really need a well organized on-line encyclopedia of ADA guidance in plain language so that a business looking for a particular answer doesn’t have to guess which of the many available on-line documents will have it. It is also notable that DOJ still has materials written before the publication of the 2010 Standards as well as materials concerning communication that are more than 15 years old and therefore very likely to be out of date in light of technological developments.

Still, the re-organization is a welcome change and should be of some benefit to businesses interesting in maintaining ADA compliance without necessarily calling a lawyer.

* See, “Fighting fake ESA’s – Guidance on what constitutes reliable evidence of disability